About Us

Novawall offers an infinitely adaptable system of panels on rails that makes it possible to correct the acoustics in any space.

Groupe Mayer is the distributor and installer of this product for all of Canada, except the Toronto region.


Primarily used in restaurants, movie theatres, concert halls, and conference rooms, Novawall’s acoustic panels are customizable products that can be styled to match any type of decor.

Novawall guarantees its clients short production timelines by assembling on-site, depending on the environment. In addition, its entirely custom products provide superior acoustic performance in all spaces.


What we do

  • Wall and ceiling panels that perfectly match the shape of the room and optimize acoustics
  • Digital printing on textiles to create uniquely designed panels
  • Acoustic screens
  • Acoustic baffles

For more information: : novawall.com


Contact Us

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819 775-9844, ext. 203

27, Mangin, Gatineau (Québec) J8Y 3L8